NFT Artist, Designer, Filmmaker, Poet, Writer, Truthseeker — a well-traveled, Globalized being of Eastern-Feminine origin. Multi-disciplinary, visionary, experienced. Worked with many Silicon Valley tech giants and start-ups in various fields across the globe. Last 15 yrs spent serving a globally recognized mission, a live-work commune and the centre for healing and transformation hatched away from urban life. Sole passion and commitment: serve Divine’s dream to land humanity in new consciousness!

Anonymous in life and service till date, her conscious choice! Carrying seeds of truth, peace, love in her ever-ready-to-flow heart. A perfect simplicity or an enigma, for people around or afar.


“The purpose is to not escape to other planet, but to recognize the secret gold buried here, in our planet; not escape with/to another object, but to discover the deepest ecstasy hidden in ‘this’ body! Purpose is to pursue the delight – of imagining, discovering and creating a new verse, born out of the metacrisis!”

Current NFT Projects:

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MetaView — Witnessing ‘us’ from the moon!

As art is an expression of human consciousness, which is very unique on this planet, wouldn’t it be important to witness ‘us in the play’, until our ‘habitat’ shifts into the new consciousness? But what art can pursue the fullness of this subjectivity and our grand missionary purpose as the people of the planet Earth? Introducing a unique NFT category which allows the art to stay perennially ‘current’, this project presents the collage of glimpses by and of humanity, casted in space – to indulge in witnessing ‘us’ in our play on this planet.

With authentic Randomness auto-generated on the blockchain using ChainLink VRF, the framed-events — ‘VIEWS’ are refreshed live by acquiring and exhibiting content via InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

This NFT art project aims to stay truly alive by leveraging blockchain and an in-progress docs-archive – both socio-cultural-tech environments which began around the same time in human history. The number of Views presented in the NFT canvas-player will be not only determined by a blockchain verifiable random function, but also will depend upon the continued enrichment of the content repository. Each View is created as a collage of content — life-moments that consists of factual videos and scenes from various content id tagged repository storage, built with the purpose to archive specific themes of human experiences and life experiences on planet earth, as captured in documentaries. The content plan for each ‘View’ is created by a VRF Random Number Generator. This generated number informs the direction for choice of content. This ensures that no two Views will ever be the same. This Living Art uses Chainlink VRF to introduce a new kind of NFT.

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The Last Passport Shimmers

This project explores the human need for sovereignty and freedom to ‘be’, though not-so-insignificant ‘travel document’ and ‘the voice’ of the soul – two NFTs that hold the truth of the dream to exist by the people of the lost nation! This NFT is launched with the hope that it will peacefully bring the ‘truth of existence’ into the present human awareness — the truth that, each being and culture has its unique role to play in a harmonious world — the truth that, the struggle of Tibet is not just a political struggle between the two states. It is a gift for the entire humanity to discover a spiritual secret, discover a new truth that belongs to none, both or all.

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TANGKA – True Crypto Treasure

What asset the humanity needs to unearth true value of life we live, and leverage the crisis we face as a state, as a species or a planet, to create new future? If Tibet rides the winds of change by leveraging the blockchain and utilizing the decentral power for sovereign rights ‘to be’, not only for the self but for the whole humanity, shouldn’t it launch new Tangka for new age of humanity? Shall we sponsor it through this NFT project, and support the dream of people of Tibet — the dream of humanity?


Upcoming Drops:

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The Etherians

Who are Etherians? What if there was a metaverse that would brew a new culture for a species that is in gestation now on earth and among us? Would you want to know ‘who you are’ and what role you are playing in our crypto future? If humanity's dream is to discover a new immortal space, how should we mortals begin to exist and play the game? But, how do you enter such game? With a new pair of eyes and an exclusive entry pass! Register to receive announcement about the project and to mint the pass and secure the entry into the game – entry into the future tribe of metahumanity and their unseen-verse full of Light!